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Why Small Businesses Should Prioritise Investing in IT Support
07th November 2020

When it comes to IT support, do you consider it a ‘nice to have’, or a crucial part of your business infrastructure? Read on to learn why the former approach is the one that’s going to put your business in the most beneficial and risk-reduced position.


Why invest in an IT support plan?


Investing in an IT support plan, or even forming a partnership with an IT support company that can provide you with ad-hoc problem-solving as and when you need it, is something that will make a considerable difference to your business in many ways. Looking at it from the perspective of what would happen if you DON’T have an IT support plan in place may prove a more effective way of demonstrating the benefits. So here goes.


If you DON’T invest in IT support…


1.     Your reputation could suffer


Most businesses these days rely on technology to power their company-wide communications. From cloud telephone systems to hosted exchange email, without smooth-running technology and reliable internet connectivity, communications would literally come to a standstill.


Imagine how your business would look to the outside world if your phone lines were down, your incoming emails weren’t getting through or your online chat was unavailable. Not only would it lead to disgruntled loyal customers where the support they were seeking just wasn’t available, it could lead to lost sales where people go elsewhere for what they need.


Reputation counts for everything in the business world. With help from a reliable IT support company, you can rest assured that yours has the best chance of staying intact thanks to swift response times on all IT issues, getting you back on track and in touch with your customers without delay.


2.     You could lose sales


We’ve already mentioned how failed communications could lead to reputation damage and lost sales should telephone and email lines fail, but what about online sales?


If you rely on e-commerce to fuel your business, then it’s even more vital that you have the right IT support on hand to ensure your systems are up and running 24/7 so that your online sales can continue round the clock.


3.     You won’t stand up against the competition


It takes a great deal to compete in today’s challenging economy. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you need to come across as reliable to your customers. Always there. Ready to help, on hand to field enquiries, prepared to take and process orders and geared up to deal with service related enquiries.


If your IT systems aren’t performing at their optimum levels, you could fail in one or more of these respects. And when that happens, your competitors could step in and relieve you of your regular business.


To stand up against the competition therefore, you need a skilled, experienced IT support company, dedicated to ensuring your business is fully operational at all times.


4.     Productivity will drop


If you haven’t prioritised IT support as part of your key business services, and an IT issue arises, you could find your productivity levels seriously taking a hit. How long, in all seriousness, do you think you could function without functioning telephone services, email and access to your order processing and despatch and customer relationship management systems?


With access to professional IT support, staff will be able to direct their issues to people in the know, rather than waste time trying to rectify problems themselves, in the process frittering away valuable working hours.


5.     Staff engagement will deteriorate


When employees are constantly hit with technical glitches, and find themselves having to try to problem-solve off their own backs, it can lead to a decline in morale, which could spell higher staff turnover.


If on the other hand staff know that there is professional, qualified help on hand in the form of an IT support company, then they will be more likely to remain engaged and feel supported and valued.


Professional IT support Hertfordshire businesses know they can rely on


Here at PC Docs, we are proud to serve a host of Hertfordshire and North London based businesses with a range of IT support services designed to keep systems up and running round the clock.


With 99 per cent of all IT support help desk tickets responded to within just 10 minutes, and with Microsoft Certified technicians ready and waiting to deal with any issues as they crop up, we are experts in ensuring local businesses are able to maintain their reputations, and keep those sales rolling in.


For an IT support company you can rely on without compromise, speak to PC Docs.

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John and his IT support team at PC Docs have been a real asset to us at Chiller Box... We can focus on our customers, leaving PC Docs to deal with any day to day IT issues arising.
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Chiller Box Marios Poumpouris
It was the best decision we could have made… No issue is too small and support response times are swift and carried out in a polite and caring manner.
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Thanks to you and your team, everything went to plan and happened as it was supposed to! Our move went seamlessly and you guys went the extra mile!
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We have used PC Docs for 10 years now. As with most companies when our IT goes wrong we need it dealt with asap… PC Docs do this for us and they do it very well.
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Switching to PC Docs was the best decision we made for our growing practice...PC Docs has truly taken all the stress of IT from us.
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