What is VoIP and how do VoIP Phone Systems Benefit Business?

If you’ve heard the terms VoIP phone, hosted telephony, hosted VoIP, cloud phone or IP phone but wondered what they all mean and whether this type of communication system could be beneficial for your business, read on.


The terms listed above are all pretty much one in the same. VoIP phone systems work differently to traditional IDSN or PSTN lines. Cloud VoIP and standard VoIP vary in that the cloud version works via a secure, off-premise server, whereas standard VoIP runs on an on-premise network.


Cloud VoIP phone systems have the edge as there is no need for expensive network hardware, neither are there any ongoing maintenance costs or network tolls. It’s also possible with a cloud VoIP phone to make and receive from anywhere, completely seamlessly, through your business telephone number, using a mobile phone, PC or regular handset. Perfect for remote working.


How do VoIP phone systems work?


VoIP uses ‘voice over internet protocol’ technology to make calls over the internet rather than traditional PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). Both PTSN and IDSN networks are due to be axed by 2025.


Because of the reduced infrastructure required to deliver phone calls using a VoIP phone, call charges and system maintenance are considerably lower than with traditional phone systems.


VoIP phone systems are feature rich, and offer powerful attributes that would previously have been off the scale budget wise for smaller businesses. Features such as call recording, call attendant, call queuing, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, CRM integration, music, message or marketing on hold, call diversion, conference calling and seamless transition from office to remote working.


Can I use a VoIP phone in the same way as a regular phone?


Yes, VoIP phone systems can be used with a handset the same as regular phone systems, but there is added flexibility and functionality. A VoIP phone can also be used via a mobile app, and also on a PC.


This means you can literally make and receive calls via your regular business number, wherever you are, providing a seamless experience for customers.


What are the advantages of using VoIP phone systems?


VoIP phone systems reduce the cost to business of communications. They also make enterprise class features accessible to the small business, and provide much needed flexibility and scalability.


Because calls are made over the internet, network tolls are completely avoided. Calls can also be made cost-free between offices.


Scalability is a major plus point with VoIP phone systems. Traditional landline phones called for expensive upgrades or added extensions whenever new staff joined an organisation. But with VoIP, it is possible to scale up – or down – whenever required. Because VoIP is subscription based, it really is as simple as adding a new user to the network.


Finally, because calls can be made from any device and from anywhere, VoIP phone systems offer the ultimate disaster recovery strategy, allowing communications to continue uninterrupted.


Are VoIP phone systems reliable?


There has been a long held view that VoIP phone systems are unreliable. Whilst there is a need for a robust internet connection in order to achieve good call quality, the fact that most businesses now have access to high speed broadband counters this issue.


VoIP calls are now delivered in HD quality, and feature disaster recovery backup for interruption free connectivity. Most cloud VoIP phone systems guarantee 99.999% uptime, with calls automatically forwarded to a secondary location or mobile should an internet outage occur.


VoIP calling uses less bandwidth than a simple visit to a website. You can also prioritise voice data over other internet based applications, so if bandwidth does drop, calls will get priority over other data.


Whilst VoIP doesn’t tend to affect internet speed too much if you have a fast connection, it is still advisable to run a VoIP phone system through a separate, single purpose internet connection. This helps to guarantee the quality of your calls, and the two connections can back each other up.


Looking to make the switch to VoIP?

At PC Docs, we make choosing the right VoIP phone system for your business straightforward. Our telecoms specialists take time to understand how your business operates, allowing us to create the perfect VoIP phone package for you, including all the equipment you need, together with installation, support, maintenance and training for all your personnel, both onsite and remote.


With a subscription-based cloud VoIP system from PC Docs, you’ll enjoy a fully hosted and managed service that removes all the hassle from your communications, allowing you to scale up or down without charge as your needs change.


Our cloud VoIP phone system experts are on hand to tailor an enterprise grade, cost saving telecoms package just for you. Talk to us today to find out how we can save your business money, and streamline your communications.

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