What is the Cost of IT Support for a Small Business?

A question we are often asked is, what is the cost of IT support for a small business? UK wide, IT support companies are posed the same question. Although there is no straight answer, simply because every business has unique needs and it is vital that as an IT support company, we tailor our offering to suit those needs, we can to some extent provide an overview of IT support services prices to help give you an idea of the sort of costs you are looking at to safeguard your business and boost your competitive edge.


What influences IT support services prices?


You will find that the cost of IT support for a small business in the UK varies quite a bit. Main influencers will be the likes of location, precise business requirements, any specific cyber risks and the level of technical experience needed.


So how much should you expect to pay for IT support London or UK wide? Let’s take a look at the various ways of buying IT support, and the sort of prices you might expect to pay for it.


Ad-hoc IT support


Here at PC Docs, we offer ad-hoc or reactive IT support services to companies London and Hertfordshire wide who have not signed into a regular contract. These services are designed to provide trouble shooting assistance on the spot.


Prices start from £100 per hour plus VAT, and we ask for pre-payment in blocks of five hours.


Ad-hoc IT support can either be onsite or remotely managed, depending on the nature of the issue. We can generally resolve most issues remotely thanks to our extensive experience, which is good news as this reduces the amount of time required, and gets you back up and running a lot faster. Remote IT support allows us to access your systems from our offices, so our team can quickly identify and resolve whatever issues you are facing.


The advantages of ad-hoc IT support are that there are no ongoing contract costs. However, this way of approaching IT support means that you will have no preventative maintenance, no ongoing monitoring of your systems to detect impending issues, and generally, higher IT support costs.


Fixed rate IT support


Generally, fixed rate IT support is charged on a per-user basis. Our plans start from as little as £15 per user plus VAT per calendar month, providing access to our expert IT support helpdesk for priority support and advice.


With fixed rate IT support, you won’t have to pay out should any unexpected issues arise, as these will all be included in the plan.


Fixed rate IT support gives you the reassurance of a regular payment plan, with no surprise or hidden costs, and the knowledge that should an issue arise, expert help will be on hand.


Fully managed IT support


Fully managed IT support places you in the lowest risk position by ensuring uptime and business continuity. It involves every aspect of your IT and telecoms systems being taken care of on a proactive basis.


From monitoring cloud backups to ensuring all the latest updates and software versions are regularly installed, to carrying out networking efficiency audits and troubleshooting, absolutely everything is covered, with the ultimate goal of ensuring your business runs at optimum efficiency.


With fully managed It support, you will also benefit from continued monitoring and preventative maintenance, placing you in the strongest position to stay up and running and competitive at all times.


IT support services to suit every need and every budget, from PC Docs


Here at PC Docs we offer a variety of IT support solutions to suit a variety of business needs and budgets.


All our IT support clients enjoy access to a FREE comprehensive IT audit. Our aim is reduce your risk level and boost your IT experience, so you can enjoy enhanced productivity and continued reassured. Our free IT audit, worth £1195, includes a security assessment, data recovery and security analysis, a network infrastructure check, an email application review and a close look at your operating systems, software and hardware to ensure they’re all delivering maximum security and optimal performance.


For our latest IT support service price list, and to discuss how we can tailor an IT support plan to suit your specific business needs, you are welcome to get in touch.

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