What is Data Loss Prevention and How Does Data Recovery Work?

One of the worst things anyone can go through, in business or personally, is data loss. Whether it’s due to hardware or software failure, cybercrime or accidental deletion, the entire experience is something no one would ever want to repeat. In this post we are looking at the process of data recovery, one of the solutions to data loss, and how data loss prevention can stop the whole devastating situation occurring in the first place.


What is data loss prevention?


Data loss prevention (DLP) involves tools and processes that together work towards ensuring data is not lost, mis-used, or accessed by unauthorised individuals.


With such intense reliance on data, businesses can literally find themselves facing ruin if they are parted from it. Reputations are put on the line, customer relationships face long term damage, and business operations can come to a complete standstill. What’s more, fines for data breaches from the Information Commissioner’s Office can run into millions of pounds.


For these reasons, it makes good business sense to have a data security plan in place to protect your organisation. Whilst data recovery services in London and across the UK are available, prevention is always better than cure.


DLP packages work to a set of defined policies, often driven by regulatory compliance protocols such as GDPR. If any breaches to the policies are identified, data loss prevention software issues an alert, and immediately encrypts data to prevent end users from accidentally or maliciously sharing that data in ways that could put the business at further risk.


Data loss prevention software solutions work by monitoring and controlling end user activities, filtering data streams on corporate networks, and observing cloud based data so that it is protected whilst in use, in transit between networks, and whilst being stored. The software will also provide a reporting function so as to meet compliance and auditing requirements, as well as identifying any weaknesses in cyber security.


Why do I need a data loss prevention solution?


Cybercrime is on the increase and is becoming more and more sophisticated. Within the past few years, there have been countless high profile data breaches and numerous cyber security incidents.


Billions of pounds have been lost to such events, and with the risk of stolen data being sold on the Dark Web, there is a clear incentive for the theft of data.


Imagine your business’ sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. Confidential new developments, pricing models, recruitment strategies, marketing tactics, growth plans, client lists, all exposed. That scenario is one that doesn’t bear thinking about. It could destroy your business.  


What is the alternative to a data loss prevention plan?


The alternative to a data loss prevention solution is data recovery. There are various data loss recovery services London and UK wide, as well as solutions you can purchase and use yourself.


Examples include Disk Drill, designed to recover data from hard disk drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives, SD cards and devices such as digital cameras and smartphones; OnTrack EasyRecovery which can also recover data from CDs and DVDs as well as being able to repair corrupted photos or videos, and Stellar Data Recovery, which works on all file formats and drives, and includes advanced search capabilities.


Data recovery software like those mentioned is usually available in a range of options at different pricing levels. As you can imagine, it can be pricey, because the job it carries out is very complex.


The alternative is to use the services of a data recovery specialist, who will tailor a plan to suit the specific issue you are facing. Again, it is going to come at a premium, but what price your sensitive data?


The trouble with data recovery is that by the time you get it back, your data may already have been compromised. And this is why a data loss prevention plan will always be the preferred option.


Data loss prevention and data recovery services London


Are you looking to protect your organisation’s sensitive data from the risks of cybercrime, accidental deletion or system failure? Maybe you have already lost data and are in need of a data recovery specialist to help you retrieve it?


In both cases, PC Docs can help with a fully tailored solution, backed by a second-to-none service promise.


To learn more about our data loss prevention and data recovery services in London, Hertfordshire and Essex, please get in touch with our specialist team today.

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