VPN Solutions to Secure Your Remote Workers – All You Need to Know

More employees than ever are working from home and with a focus on a greater work / life balance, this trend looks set to continue. However, in 2021-2022, it was reported that an astonishing 81% of UK organisations experienced a cyber-attack. Faced with such a real and persistent security threat, many businesses must now prioritise looking at how to secure remote workers.  One way to do this is through VPN solutions.


What is VPN protection?


A Virtual Private Network or VPN helps to secure remote workers as well as protecting the data and systems of your business.


It allows employees to securely connect to the internet by encrypting the connection from their personal device. This allows system users to access key internal resources that traditionally may only be accessed through onsite systems.


VPN solutions also ensure that the privacy and security of the company and data are not compromised.


How does a VPN work?


Typically, a business that is looking to secure remote work will firstly choose a VPN provider. The VPN provider will then set up an application on all digital devices used in the business including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Once in place, the application provides a secure connection to a VPN server which is either hosted by your VPN provider, or by your own business.


The VPN makes work from home secure because it creates a tunnel that allows traffic to pass privately between the remote network and the user. The VPN software protects your information by masking the IP address of all devices. This tunnel reduces the chances of hackers accessing or stealing data.


VPN solutions for small business


If you are keen to secure remote workers and are looking at VPN solutions for business, it can be a minefield when it comes to deciding which VPN provider to work with.


When choosing your VPN provider to secure remote workers, you may want to consider which offer the best in terms of:


  • Average speed
  • Reliability
  • Encryption quality
  • How many servers and in which locations
  • Customer support
  • Price
  • Applications supported – some VPN providers will support all programmes including Windows, Mac, Chrome, iPhone, Android. Others will not.


We suggest discussing what will be the best VPN solution for your business with your IT support provider. They will be able to recommend reputable providers, and will ensure you settle on the right solution for your individual needs and budget.


VPN as a multi-layered approach


When looking to strengthen remote work security, it’s best to think of a VPN as just one tool in your arsenal to combat cybercrime.


Your business should employ several techniques to prevent privacy and security breaches, including:


  • Turning off network sharing systems which don’t need to be accessed remotely
  • Updating your anti-virus programmes
  • Using firewall programmes to block unwanted traffic
  • Ensuring employees use screen locks
  • Using multi-factor authentication codes for login


Remote working solutions from PC Docs


Here at PC Docs, we offer a comprehensive range of fully tailored cyber security and remote working solutions for businesses.


To discover how we can protect your business against the costly risks of cybercrime, please get in touch.

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