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3 IT Services That can Help Keep Remote Workers Afloat

07th October 2020

Remote working may have become the talk of the business world this year, having been the solution to the pandemic-induced lockdown and social distancing measures. But in actual fact, working away from the office has formed a vital part of critical business continuity plans for numerous forward-thinking organisations for some time. So, even if you haven’t experienced the need to work remotely so far, now is as good a time as any to start making plans just in case it does become necessary. With this in mind, read on as we share our insights into three of the top remote working IT solutions that will make it all possible for you.


1.     Virtual desktops


A virtual desktop is a cloud based version of a user’s physical desktop. It allows access to all their usual files, documents, data and apps, but instead of having to sit at their usual PC in the office, they can login via the internet from any device, in any location.


Numerous benefits are offered by the virtual desktop. These include reduced security risks; increased control over the use of applications; lowered costs and enhanced freedom.


Operating a virtual desktop is a lot safer than allowing staff to keep local copies of files on their remote devices, and way more secure than letting them to use their own applications to work from.


Not only does a virtual desktop ensure all software applications are fully up to date and protected by the latest security patches, it will also keep data safeguarded on your own company servers and protected by your firewalls so that it is less likely to be subject to local malware or ransomware attacks, as well as data loss or corruption. This also ticks the GDPR compliance box for your organisation.


2.     VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)


We’ve already ascertained that a virtual desktop is beneficial to remote work solutions, but if you are allowing access to your company servers via Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or similar, then you are effectively opening your network to the entire internet. This could pose a significant security risk for your business.


The solution is a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN connects a remote user’s device directly into the company’s internal network, bypassing the internet, and all its dangers.


This means that cyber criminals cannot see your company’s remote server, and therefore won’t be in a position to intercept communications between your workforce and your network. This makes it safe to work even from a public WiFi connection.


3.     Cloud phone systems


Cloud phone systems, another remote working IT solution, work by transmitting calls over the internet, rather than though a traditional physical exchange. This means that an organisation’s phone system can be used outside of the premises, without any interruption in service, and without customers knowing any different.


A cloud phone system, also known as cloud VoIP, allows calls to be made and received via PCs, smartphone apps or regular handsets. These systems are plug and play, so users can instantly set themselves up anywhere there’s an internet connection, so seamless lines of communication are maintained, wherever your teams are working from. Because calls are made over the internet, this means that network tolls are avoided, allowing local, regional, national and international offices can all be connected, without incurring any call charges.


Features abound, from video conferencing to call recording, call transfer, voicemail to email, multi-line conferencing, auto-attendant and many more. It is literally like having your work phone system at your fingertips, ready to use wherever you are working from.


Remote working IT solutions from PC Docs


At PC Docs, we offer a variety of remote working IT solutions, all geared up to set your business free to work from wherever is most convenient.


Why not get in touch today to find out more about the remote tech services London businesses have been relying on to help them through times of crisis? Our helpful experts are ready to tailor a remote work solution to suit your precise requirements.

Why Virtual Desktops are Best for Remote Work

28th September 2020

One of the most significant working trends this year has to be the shift to remote working, and its widespread adoption, due mostly to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Without certain remote work solutions, many businesses, quite frankly, would not have survived the past few months.


There are various remote working IT solutions that have made a considerable difference to businesses of all sizes. These include the virtual private network (VPN) that offers a secure connection to office servers; cloud servers for enhanced flexibility; cloud phone services for seamless communications between onsite and remote working, and virtual desktops.


The virtual desktop is a cloud based desktop that provides total flexibility for your workforce, allowing them to access all their familiar apps, files, documents and data from any device, any location, any time. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of virtual desktops when used as remote work solutions.


A secure way to work remotely


With staff working via a virtual desktop, your organisation’s security risks are reduced. This is because company data stays on your company’s servers rather than on a local device, so is not subject to local malware or ransomware attacks, loss or corruption. This also delivers in respect of GDPR compliance.


Virtual desktops are designed with built-in security and compliance features. Because you don’t have to rely on the security of the hardware that your worker is using, you can enjoy greater peace of mind that your data is protected.


Greater control


By deploying virtual desktops as a remote work solution, you get to take control of the applications being used by your workforce. Because instead of using apps installed locally, staff are accessing the programmes you have had installed on your server. Programmes that fit with your policies and security control measures.


This means that if a staff member’s hardware fails, they won’t lose all their work, and they’ll be able to get back up and running quickly, simply by logging into the virtual desktop from a different device.


Reduced costs


Virtual desktops have the potential to reduce business costs in a variety of ways. Firstly, capital outlay is cut, because there is no need to invest heavily in individual, memory-heavy PCs and on premise servers. You won’t need to worry about costly hardware maintenance and upgrades either.


Secondly, because all the latest software releases come as standard, you’ll save on software licensing costs. You and your teams will also be working safe in the knowledge that every application you access will be the latest version, updated with all the most recent security and enhancements downloads.


Enhanced freedom


Remote working may not come naturally to everyone, and it is not always the option of choice for some. But in some cases, the fact is, it’s necessary. So if there’s anything you can do to make things more streamlined for your workforce, it’s in your best interests to adopt it in the name of morale and productivity.


Virtual desktops make the transition from office to home working a breeze. The familiarity of a worker’s own desktop instils confidence and a sense of comfort.


Remote work solutions like this also bring freedom for employers when it comes to recruiting. No longer is geographical location a concern, which means a much wider pool of talent is available. This can have a significantly positive impact on the way a business is able to grow.


Remote working IT solutions from PC Docs


At PC Docs, we offer a range of remote work solutions including virtual desktop services. Our clients enjoy the flexibility and scalability that comes as standard, as well as the cost savings and peace of mind provided by the security.


If you’re looking for trusted remote tech services London businesses are happy to recommend, choose PC Docs. To learn more, you are welcome to get in touch and talk to one of our dedicated, helpful experts.

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