Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Whether you’re a new business, expanding or relocating, PC Docs has the networking expertise to ensure your business is always connected!

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Not all networking is equal. The needs of a small but growing office is very different from a corporate environment. PC Docs will advise and offer scalable recommendations based on your business needs. Our networking technicians have over 20 years’ experience in designing and installing network infrastructure for offices and businesses of all sizes and a variety of sectors and industries and we can help yours too.

Network Design & Installation

PC Docs will assess your requirements against your office environment and design your networking infrastructure to ensure reliability as well as ease of maintenance, all within your budget.

We will ensure and only recommend hardware and software which fits your current needs while being scalable to support your business growth if required. Our skilled technicians and network engineers can, if needed, install the entire networking infrastructure while ensuring that key networking equipment and devices such as routers, servers and back-up drives are easily accessible for hassle-free maintenance.

Virtual Servers

You can improve business performance with our centralised storage area network (SAN) and automatic load-balancing technology for virtual private servers (VPS). It assesses the resources needed by virtual private servers and distributes workloads across physical machines to give you the best performance from your VPS.

  •  Guaranteed uptime 99.99%
  •  Scalable technology to meet your changing needs

Connecting Multiple Branches and Remote Networking

Working remotely is now more common place than ever and has changed the way businesses operate. PC Docs works closely with a number of partners to ensure that networking is easy, fast and secure. Whether you need to be able to share files or connect to local resources such as servers and printers, we have the expertise to help.

  •  Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  •  Remote Desktop (RDP)
  •  Virtual Desktops

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

We don’t need to tell you how important a fast and stable internet connection is for business. A dedicated, full-fibre, EFM line offers speeds up to 20Mbps download and upload, just for your business. No sharing, no contention ratios! Benefit from enhanced resilience, fast fix times and 24×7 UK-based support.

Dedicated Ethernet Fibre

For unrivalled performance with speeds starting at 10Mbps which can be scalable up to 1GB Download and Upload with dedicated bandwidth just for your business, Ethernet Delivers the best internet connectivity for your customers and employees – we aim to deliver a prioritised and dedicated service to be available at all times so you can do more, and do it faster increasing productivity and revenue.

Cat 5e & Cat 6 Data Cabling

Cabling is often underestimated. Our networking technicians can provide the basic infrastructure needed, only utilising the latest Cat 5e & Cat6 cables to ensure maximum reliability and high-speed data transfer.

PC Docs Networking Solutions

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