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Why savvy businesses use a cloud backup service


No business wants to lose data. But it can and does happen. Whether it’s human error, a crashed hard drive, malicious attack or a natural disaster, losing data or access to it can be devastating. Financial losses and reputation damage are just the beginning.


Lots of businesses assume they’re protected because they do a regular manual backup. But they don’t think about the gaps between the data loss event and the last backup. And if you store your backups onsite, what to do if your premises become inaccessible?


Another misconception is that cloud storage and file syncing services are sufficient backup plans. But whilst they do store files in the cloud, they aren’t designed to automatically protect everything on your network, including vital system files.


This is precisely why an online backup really is so valuable.

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Online backup for reduced risk, and reduced cost


Online backup software regularly scans a hard drive for files that need protecting. It then encrypts them so they can’t be read in the event of a cyberattack, before uploading them to a cloud storage service. Once the files are in the cloud, you can access them and restore your data from anywhere, anytime via an internet connected device.


Cost wise, you’ll find a cloud backup service will save your business money. With no need for a physical backup system and all the maintenance and management that goes with it, your outgoings will drop. Plus, because backup cloud solutions are based on a subscription model, you can scale your needs up and down as your business changes.


You’ll also be able to choose local UK hosting if that’s a necessity for your business, perhaps because you operate in the regulated sector.

Choose the right online backup system with tailored advice from PC Docs


Tailored advice is essential when choosing the right cloud backup service. It’s not about comparing features. It’s about getting the ideal service that works for your business.


Here at PC Docs, we take time to get to know our clients and their unique network setups, understanding the specific risks faced and the industry and regulatory factors that must be considered. Only then do we consider ourselves in a position to recommend and tailor an online backup system for an individual business.


Our backup cloud services offer complete flexibility, and are designed and packaged to offer industry-leading reliability. So you’ll never have to worry about data loss again.

Looking for tailor-made online backup solutions?

At PC Docs, our cloud solutions specialists are ready to tailor a cloud backup package just for you. Talk to us today to find out how we can protect your company against devastating data loss.

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Save money with no need for physical backup equipment, and reduce your data loss risk with backups you can access anytime, anyplace.

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More than just a cloud backup service, we offer tailored advice, 24/7 UK based support and industry-leading reliability.

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Enjoy total reassurance that your data will never leave the UK courtesy of our onshore cloud services for regulatory and data protection compliance.

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5 star rated Google Reviews 27 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost will always be one of the most important factors when looking at an online backup service.


Most are subscription-based, but they do vary in terms of features and costs, so it is important to compare plans carefully before proceeding.


Most will be based on the volume of cloud storage provided for your data, although some will be led by number of devices per account. Be careful with storage limits on cheaper solutions, or restricted features, as well as file-size upload limits which could hold you back from protecting everything you need to.


Taking tailored advice is vital. Talk to PC Docs to make sure you choose the right cloud backup service for your needs.

It is vital to examine the security of your chosen online backup solution. Most will encrypt your files before uploading to the cloud storage servers, and some offer a private encryption key option.


If you choose to manage your own encryption keys to decrypt your backups when required, then it will be down to you to remember those keys, bearing in mind that the service itself won’t be able to help you with a reset if you forget them. The good thing about this is that no one can unlock your cloud backup other than you, which is beneficial from a privacy and security standpoint. The best course of action is to use a password manager to keep track of your encryption key.

A good online backup service will make it fast and straightforward to restore your data. Features such as search tools to locate specific files replications of full folder-tree structures will help you recover more easily from bigger data losses, so look out for those when choosing your cloud backup solution.


There is also a feature known as ‘versioning’. This saves incremental changes made to files as recoverable snapshots. This is useful should you need to retrieve information from an earlier version of a file, or if your latest saved version becomes corrupted. Online backup services vary in terms of how many versions they retain, and for how long they are retained. Some will keep an unlimited number of file versions forever.


Again, when you’re choosing an online backup service for your business, be sure to take personalised advice to make sure you know what you’re buying.

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