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Refreshingly simple, contract-free mobile phone packages for your business, with cost-saving tariffs individually tailored to suit every member of your team.
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Business mobile phone packages backed by an award-winning tariff


Here at PC Docs, we like to make our clients’ lives easier. And with our award-winning SIM-only mobile phone packages for businesses, an easy life is exactly what you’ll get.


With our range of award-winning, competitively priced SIM only deals, there’s none of the usual complicated handset purchase contracts boosting up your monthly tariff, so you’ll never be tied into frustrating 24-month contracts. In fact, with our One and Only tariff, 30 days’ notice is all we need to cancel.


One and Only is a tariff designed with simplicity in mind. With a choice of plans across both the Vodafone and O2 networks, and with all mobile phone packages customisable to suit the specific needs of your business and individual mobile users, there really is a tariff for everyone.

Voice and data plans to keep your business connected on the move


PC Docs business mobile phone packages are designed to give you plenty of choice, and to save you money. And with tailored, expert advice to help you select the right plan, you won’t be left trying to figure out which will best suit your needs.


We have voice plans, data plans, international plans and a whole host of bolt-ons to create the perfect package for your business, and for every individual mobile user in your organisation.


And the best bit? You’ll never have to deal direct with a mobile provider again. Because at PC Docs, when you subscribe to one of our mobile phone packages, we’ll take care of everything for you.

Looking for tailor-made business mobile phone packages?

At PC Docs, our business mobile experts are ready to tailor a mobile phone package just for you. Talk to us today to find out how much we could save you on your business mobile costs.

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Why Use PC Docs?

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No Lengthy Contracts

Avoid the usual frustrations of lengthy 24 month mobile phone contracts. Cancel without penalty with just 30 days’ notice.

IT System Recovery


Customisable Tariffs

Create tariffs that work for every mobile user in your company, rather than trying to fit in with a prescribed, pre-set plan.

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Expert Advice

With helpful, expert advice from PC Docs, you’ll never be alone when choosing your business mobile phone package.

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A pleasure to work with. Friendly and efficient. Competitive pricing. Tailored solutions. “A real asset to us.” We’re so proud of our reviews, we’d like to share them with you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Because the beauty of our mobile phone packages lies in their simplicity, the plans we offer are SIM only. This means you get a straightforward tariff, with no complicated handset loans attached to pay off. It also means you have complete flexibility in choosing the handset that best fits your needs, and can upgrade it whenever you choose, rather than waiting for a frustrating 24-month contract to come to an end.

PC Docs is a respected name in IT and telecoms. More than just a mobile package provider, we are dedicated to tailoring full technology and communications solutions for our business clients.


We believe it’s important that as a business, your IT and communications services are fully joined up, and that they all work together to help you achieve your business goals. And that’s precisely what we look to do for our clients.


When you choose PC Docs to supply your business mobile phone packages, you’ll have access to a team of experts with a broad understanding of communications across an array of platforms and services. We’ll take time to get to know your business, so we can understand and make recommendations for what will work best for you both now, and in the future. And that includes your mobile phone packages.

Looking for tailored mobile phone packages for your business?

Contact us today for a personalised quote, and expert advice on choosing the right plans for your team.

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