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Expert advice on choosing the right IT hardware and software for your business


When it comes to choosing IT hardware solutions and working out the best software for your business, there is so much to consider. Should I choose a cloud server or an on-premise server? What PCs are best for my workforce? Which email and collaboration solution should I go for?


With so many computer hardware and software solutions out there, making the right choices for your business and your people can be a huge challenge. And that’s where PC Docs can help.


Taking time to get to know your business and understand how you operate, the needs of your individual IT users, and your plans for the future, is the first step in our mission to make sure you get the hardware and software solution that works for everyone within your organisation. The next step is using our decades of experience to draw up a personalised hardware and software plan for you, with expert recommendations based on your individual needs.

IT hardware and software solutions, bespoke to your business


As well as guiding you in choosing the right hardware and software for your business, we’ll also take full responsibility for supply and installation, courtesy of our skilled engineers. We can also provide you with an ongoing, fully tailored IT support and maintenance package for total peace of mind.


Our IT hardware solutions and software packages are bespoke to individual needs. Our services include:


Cloud servers and desktops: Access all your familiar files, documents, data and apps anytime, anyplace on any device courtesy of a cloud desktop and cloud server, reducing your physical hardware needs, minimising outlay and maintenance costs and saving space. Enjoy a more streamlined way of working, and a built-in disaster recovery strategy.


Productivity and collaboration solutions: When it comes keeping your teams working smart and fully connected, there are plenty of tools to choose from. From Microsoft Exchange Online with its business class productivity tools such as email, shared calendars, contacts and tasks, to the super-powerful Microsoft 365 that makes all your favourite applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint available anytime, anyplace 24/7, we’ll make sure you make all the right choices.


Workstations: Our close relationships with leading workstation brands such as HP, Dell and Lenovo mean we can recommend the best workstation IT hardware solutions for your needs and budget. If you wish, we’ll purchase on your behalf, and then install and setup in line with your individual preferences. We’ll also provide training and support, and deal directly with any manufacturer warranty or maintenance issues so you don’t have to.


Server upgrades: Whether you’re switching to the cloud, sticking with on-premise or going down the hybrid server route, because your server is the backbone of your business, it’s vital you take expert advice on choosing the right solution for your business needs. Our experts will recommend, supply, install and configure your new server, keeping downtime to a minimum and avoiding disruption to productivity.


Office relocations: Moving office? Relocating needn’t be a stressful experience. With PC Docs managing the IT side of things, and with our experience in planning ahead for a smooth migration, you’ll not have to worry about a thing. Our relocation services include IT network setup, computer hardware and software supply and installation, data cabling and networking, high speed broadband setup, email setup, data migration, cyber security solutions, data backups, VoIP setup and complete IT hardware installation.


IT hardware solutions and software procurement: Supporting the entire procurement process, from initial needs analysis to installation and maintenance. Whether you’re looking for specialist printers including large format or plotters; file and email servers; firewall hardware; anti-virus and anti-spam solutions; specialist accounting, CRM or design software, or anything else, we’ve got all your needs covered.


Backup solutions: A robust backup solution is essential to ensure your data is secure at all times. Onsite backup is useful for quickly restoring data and for recovering older versions of files. Offsite or cloud backup is needed to restore data at a new location in the event of a major incident such as fire or theft. For this reason, PC Docs always recommends a hybrid back-up solution consisting of both an on and offsite backup solution.

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From physical and cloud servers, to server upgrades, office relocations and a host of specialist hardware and software options, we’ve got everything covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of home working solutions, including virtual private networks (VPNs); cloud servers; virtual desktops; cloud VoIP telephone systems, hosted email, and video conferencing. Everything you need for remote or hybrid working, plus full training and support for your ongoing peace of mind.

We specialise in providing businesses with bespoke safeguarding and monitoring systems to keep users safe online and to prevent cyberattacks. Our cyber security solutions include anti-malware and adware protection; firewall and antivirus setup and management; internet and spam filters; password management and multi-factor authentication setup, and email scanning software.

Exchange Online offers email, calendars, contacts and tasks, whilst Microsoft 365 is a full suite of productivity tools. Depending on the subscription level, it may include business email, calendars, file storage, Office apps, video conferencing and more. If productivity and collaboration are vital to your business, you may find Microsoft 365 the better option for you.


It’s important though to realise that MS 365 doesn’t offer many third party integrations, which can be a disadvantage if you rely on certain tools that it doesn’t work with.


At PC Docs, we’ll take time to assess your needs and provide you with expert recommendations and guidance to help you make the right choice for your business.

With a cloud desktop, your operating system and all your data, documents, files and applications, including Office apps and any bespoke software you use, are all hosted in the cloud. You simply login with a user name and password to access all you need to start working.


With a cloud desktop and cloud server, you can ignore all the management, software licensing and other headaches that on-premise desktops often present. Instead, you pay a monthly subscription based on the number of users, which can be easily scaled up or down to suit your needs. You then get to access all your company data, apps and software via an internet connection, with a full support service from PC Docs to make sure you’re kept up and running 24/7, all included in the monthly subscription.


You also get to downsize your hardware from memory heavy PCs to thin clients, saving space and around 50% in initial outlay, as well as lowering maintenance costs. And there’s no need for an on-premise server either, saving you even more.

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