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Get your workforce set up with tailor-made work from home solutions to support all the latest flexible, hybrid and activity-based working trends.
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Working from home solutions, tailored to your business


Here at PC Docs, we believe it’s important that all work from home solutions are tailored to individual needs. And that every business gets the ongoing support it needs to be productive and efficient and stay secure online, wherever its people happen to be working from.


Whether you’re using a hybrid or flexible working model, or have staff permanently working from home, you need to know they all have the best possible tools to do their jobs efficiently, and to offer your customers a seamless experience.


Attract the best talent, retain staff for the long term and enjoy the efficiency of fully streamlined work from home solutions from PC Docs.

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Our work from home IT solutions


It all starts with a personalised home work solution strategy. One that suits the way your organisation operates, and fits with every member of your team who’s working from home.


We’ll give you all the advice you need to achieve your home working goals, recommend IT and telecoms solutions to suit your requirements and budget, and supply and install everything to spec. And training’s included for everyone too.


Plus, if you need it, we’ll provide ongoing support to make sure all your homeworkers have access to the ongoing remote assistance they need, and we’ll include proactive monitoring to ensure all your systems are operating at optimum levels 24/7.

Home working solutions for your team


Need a home work solution to connect your team? Here’s what we can offer:


Virtual Private Network (VPN) – a secure, encrypted connection between homeworkers’ PCs and the internet server. VPNs have the power to prevent workers being spied on as they work, and stops hackers seeing any data exchanged over their connection with your servers.


Cloud Servers – providing constant, anytime access to your core apps, files and data via an internet connection, so no need for files to be stored or accessed locally.


Virtual desktops – a secure way to work remotely and flexibly, keeping company data under your control on your servers rather than local devices. You’ll also cut overheads with reduced capital outlay and hardware maintenance and upgrades.


Cloud VoIP systems – cloud-based internet phone systems for seamless remote working integration. Centrally manage everything from calls and voice messages to emails, SMS, faxes, live chat and video conferencing. An entire communications package for the company that needs to work flexibly.


Video conferencing – Teams, Zoom or Skype. Whatever your video conferencing preference for keeping your home workers in the loop, we’ll set you up and make sure everyone knows how to connect.

Looking for tailor-made home working solutions?

At PC Docs, our work from home IT solutions experts are ready to tailor a strategy just for you. Talk to us today to find out how we can get your company connected.

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Personalised home working solutions to keep your business connected, secure, efficient and productive.


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From work from home strategy planning to supply, installation, training and support, we’ve got everything covered.

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Cloud internet phone systems, VPNs, virtual desktops and video conferencing/collaboration tools.

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5 star rated Google Reviews 27 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are allowing access to your company servers via a virtual desktop such as Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or similar, then you are effectively opening your network to the entire internet. This could pose a security risk for your business.

The solution is a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN connects a remote user’s device directly into the company’s internal network, bypassing the internet, and all the risks associated with it.

A VPN is one of the most valuable work from home IT solutions, preventing cyber criminals from seeing your company’s remote server, so they can’t intercept communications between your workforce and your network. This makes it safe to work remotely, even from a public Wi-Fi connection.

A virtual desktop is a cloud based version of a user’s physical desktop. It allows access to all their usual files, documents, data and apps, but via an internet connection rather than a fixed office-based device.

Using a virtual desktop as a home work solution is a lot safer than allowing staff to keep local copies of files on their remote devices, and more secure than letting them to use their own applications to work from.

Not only does a virtual desktop ensure all software applications are fully up to date and protected by the latest security patches, it will also keep data safeguarded on your own company servers and protected by your firewalls so that it is less likely to be subject to local malware or ransomware attacks, as well as data loss or corruption. This also ticks the GDPR compliance box for your organisation.

Cloud phone systems work by transmitting calls over the internet, rather than through a traditional physical exchange. It means you can use your phone system outside of your premises, without any interruption in service, and without customers knowing any different.

A cloud phone system, also known as cloud VoIP, is one of the most valuable working from home phone solutions. It allows calls to be made and received via PCs, smartphone apps or regular handsets. These systems are plug-and-play, so users can instantly set themselves up anywhere there’s an internet connection. It allows seamless lines of communication, wherever your teams are working from.

Because calls are made over the internet, network tolls are avoided. This means local, regional, national and international offices to be connected, without any call charges.

Features include video conferencing, call recording, call transfer, voicemail, multi-line conferencing, auto-attendant and many more.

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