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For a high speed broadband solution that’s guaranteed to boost productivity, improve business performance and enhance your competitive edge, PC Docs has you covered.
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Expert advice on choosing the right high speed broadband for your business


When your business is heavily dependent on fast, reliable internet, you’re going to need a solution that doesn’t just keep you up and running, but that springboards you ahead of the competition. And at PC Docs, that’s precisely what you’ll get.


Choosing the right high speed broadband can be a minefield. There are so many high speed broadband providers saying so many different things. That’s why at PC Docs, we go the extra mile to make it easy for you to settle on the solution that works for your business, on an individual level.


Taking time to understand how you work and your level of dependency on the internet, we’ll guide you through all the options, helping you make an informed decision based on your budget and your needs.

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At PC Docs, our expert network technicians have more than two decades of experience, and the knowhow to be able to recommend, install, support and maintain a high speed broadband solution that will deliver you the best service for your budget.


It might be a super-fast, super-stable full-fibre Ethernet First Mile (EFM) for internet-dependent operations. Or a Dedicated Ethernet Fibre for unrivalled performance and speeds scalable up to 1GB download and upload with dedicated bandwidth just for your business.


Whatever your needs, our aim is to deliver a prioritised and dedicated high speed broadband service that’s available round the clock, and that allows you to do more, and do it faster, increasing productivity and boosting your bottom line.

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The Right Solution for Your Business

Taking time to understand your business, so we can recommend the perfect high speed broadband solution for your needs.

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Extensive Experience

Tap into the knowledge of our highly experienced internet solution specialists, ready to guide you through all your options, in jargon-free plain English.



Enterprise Grade Broadband Solutions

If you’re going to smash your business growth goals and seriously sharpen that competitive edge, only the very best enterprise grade broadband solutions will do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a type of high bandwidth internet connectivity. It’s based on a fibre connection that runs directly from the network into your premises, providing a dedicated connection that’s you don’t have to share with other organisations.


The committed bandwidth and matched upload and download speeds allow you to benefit from valuable cloud based business tools, as well as chomp through big data transfers without draining network capacity or speed.

Ethernet First Mile offers connectivity speeds that are almost double lower bandwidth Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC) or Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) broadband options; reduced expenditure with no need for a leased line into the premises, and nationwide availability.


One of the best advantages of EFM is that because you don’t share the connection, security is guaranteed and resilience is enhanced. With the service automatically re-routed should any element fail, your business can operate virtually risk-free with uninterrupted uptime.


EFM is one of the best high speed broadband options for businesses that rely heavily on the internet.

Dedicated Ethernet Fibre is a high speed broadband connection dedicated to your business. In other words, you’re not sharing it with anyone else.


For unrivalled performance, with speeds starting at 10Mbps which can be scalable up to 1GB download and upload with dedicated bandwidth just for your business, Dedicated Ethernet Fibre delivers one of the best levels of internet connectivity to meet the demands of both your customers and your employees.

At PC Docs, we do so much more than just pair companies with the right high speed broadband solution.


Once we’ve taken time to make sure we’re recommending you the ideal product for your needs, one that can be scaled to suit your future growth plans, we’ll stick around to provide you with top level support and maintenance for complete reassurance.


So you’ll never have to deal direct with an internet provider again. And you’ll never have to worry about the technical side of keeping your internet up and running. Because we’ll be there to take care of it all for you, proactive and dedicated to keeping you online, productive and taking your business in the right direction.

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