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Move your data to the cloud and enjoy all the benefits of remote anytime access to your software, applications, files and documents, plus added reassurance with our 99.99% uptime guarantee.
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A cloud server is a virtual server as opposed to a physical server. It runs in a cloud computing environment, and is built, hosted and delivered via the internet, making it accessible remotely.


With a cloud server, you get ongoing, anytime access to your core apps, files and data online, so there’s never any need to store files online or access them locally. This is great news for the business that often finds itself with multiple versions of files, and also for the company with teams working remotely and from different locations.


Whilst a cloud server is accessible to every member of your workforce, each user has their own individual permissions for file and folder access, so you get full control over who sees and works on what.

Why should I move to a cloud server?


There are so many benefits to accessing your desktop and data via cloud servers. As well as flexibility and convenience, you also get to enjoy speed, stability and security. That’s because with a cloud server, you’ll find none of the hardware issues so often experienced with physical servers.


With thin clients replacing memory heavy PCs, the potential for failure almost disappears. And then there’s speed. Cloud-hosted desktops run faster than physical ones, so productivity gets a boost, and everyone’s happier.


Scalability is another benefit. Because a cloud server is delivered on a subscription basis, it’s quick and easy to scale up or down as you need more or less memory or storage space.


So, if you’re looking to reduce your IT costs and your risk, and give productivity a boost, switching to a cloud server could be a wise move.

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Why Use PC Docs?



Everything Covered

We’ll advise you on choosing the right cloud server platform for your needs, then take care of installation, training and ongoing proactive support, so you’ve got everything covered.



Reduced Costs

Cloud servers are far less expensive than investing in and maintaining physical servers, especially as you only pay for the resources you actually use, and can scale up and down as required.



Reliability & Convenience

Cloud servers run on multiple servers, which means instant back up and superior performance. Plus you get to free up IT teams from complex maintenance jobs to focus on more important tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At PC Docs, we take time to fully understand the individual needs and operation of your business, so that we can recommend the right cloud server for you. There are various options when it comes to cloud servers, so it’s important to take personalised, expert advice to ensure your choice suits your requirements.


We also offer a fully managed, proactive support service from our dedicated team, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and a financially backed Service Level Agreement for complete peace of mind.

There are three core types of cloud servers:


Public cloud – the most common type. This is where a third party cloud server provider owns and manages the servers and other infrastructure, and provides customers with on-demand cloud computing services.


Private cloud – a company can host its own cloud servers privately, keeping control of management and maintenance. The server resources are not shred with other organisations, but can be accessed remotely by any employee via an intranet or VPN.


Hybrid cloud – a combination of on-premise and offsite cloud servers working together. This setup gives companies more flexibility to maintain control and security when required, and provides capacity to meet any surge in demand via the public cloud.


At PC Docs, we’ll always make sure the solution you get is the one that best suits your business. It’s all about a personal service, and supporting your business in meeting its goals.

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