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The cloud desktop – the ultimate flexible working tool


With a cloud desktop, your teams can work remotely, flexibly and safely, whilst you keep your company data firmly under your control on your servers, rather than on individual local devices.


What’s more, because all the applications and software are accessed via the cloud rather than physical PCs, you’ll also get to cut overheads with reduced capital outlay, and lowered hardware maintenance and upgrade costs compared to traditional on-premise desktops.


As trusted virtual desktop cloud providers, PC Docs offers a dedicated, proactive cloud desktop installation, training and support service for businesses across London, Hertfordshire and Essex that are looking to work smart.

How does a cloud desktop work?


A virtual desktop is a cloud based version of a user’s physical desktop. It lets workers access all their usual files, documents, data and apps, but via an internet connection rather than a fixed office-based device.


So even if staff are working remotely, they still get to access their familiar desktop and everything they need to do their jobs efficiently. So that’s a plus for productivity, and a gold star for staff morale.

Why does my business need a PC Docs cloud desktop service?


As well as offering a much higher level of security for remote workers and hot deskers, a cloud desktop will also make sure that all software applications are fully up to date and protected by the latest security patches at all times.


Virtual desktops also keep data safeguarded on your own company servers and protected by your firewalls, so it’s less likely to come up against local malware or ransomware attacks, as well as data loss or corruption. This also ticks the GDPR compliance box for your organisation.

Looking for a fully supported cloud desktop service?

As respected cloud desktop providers, we’re ready to tailor a package just for you. Talk to us today to discover the benefits of the cloud desktop, and how they can help your teams work smarter, wherever they’re based.

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Why Use PC Docs?



Greater Control

Take control of the apps and software used by your workforce by giving them access to security and regulatory controlled, fully updated programmes on your servers, rather than letting them use their own.



Lowered Costs

Enjoy reduced capital outlay and ongoing maintenance investment with ‘thin clients’ rather than memory heavy PCs and on-premise servers, and no more software licensing fees.



Enhanced Freedom

A cloud desktop makes the transition from office to home working a breeze. Staff work smarter with their own personal desktops, boosting confidence and enhancing productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a cloud desktop, your operating system and all your data, documents, files and applications, including Office apps and any bespoke software you use, are all hosted in the cloud and managed by virtual desktop cloud providers. You simply login with a user name and password, and there’s everything you need, ready to start working.


So, instead of all the management, software licensing and other headaches you get with an on-premise desktop, you simply pay a monthly subscription based on the number of users, which can be easily scaled up or down to suit your needs. You then get to access all your company data, apps and software via an internet connection, with a full support service in place to make sure you’re kept up and running round the clock, all included in the monthly subscription.


You also get to downsize your hardware from memory heavy PCs to thin clients, saving space and around 50% in initial outlay, as well as reducing maintenance costs due to there being no moving parts. And there’s no need any more for an on-premise server with its profit-draining maintenance fees either.

As well as the cost saving benefits and pure convenience of a cloud desktop, there are also the security aspects to consider.


We looked at how a cloud desktop service makes it safer for staff to access the files and apps they need for their jobs, but there are other things to think about.


With a traditional desktop for example, if a PC is lost or stolen, then the data on it becomes vulnerable. But with a cloud desktop, because the data isn’t actually stored on it locally, it can easily be remotely wiped should a device be mislaid or fall into the wrong hands. This makes any security breaches easier to manage, and potentially less damaging.


What’s more, because cloud desktop data is automatically backed up to the cloud, should a device malfunction or crash, there will never be any loss of data.

Looking for a tailor made cloud desktop service with a reassuring uptime guarantee?

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