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Safeguard your people, your premises and everything that’s in them with a business CCTV and door entry solution from PC Docs.
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Protect your premises with professional CCTV installation from PC Docs


Are you looking to add an extra layer of protection to your business premises? Perhaps you’ve experienced a recent issue, or there’s been a break-in nearby and you’re eager to boost your security?


At PC Docs, we offer a professional entryphone and CCTV installation service across London, Hertfordshire and Essex. Whether you’re looking for a single hardwired camera to monitor a main entrance, or a set of internet-connected smart CCTV cameras and sensors to keep a range of access points under surveillance, we’ll tailor a package to suit your specific needs and risk level.

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Security system design and installation, tailor-made for your business


CCTV installation is a wise investment if you’re looking to capture footage of breaches on your premises. It’s also an effective deterrent. A door entry system will give you control over who enters and leaves your building, as well as who can access certain parts of it. What’s more, both can be integrated to provide a sophisticated level of protection.


Both these technologies offer multiple options in terms of brands, functionality and cost. But with PC Docs, you won’t need to struggle when it comes to choosing the right security system installation for your business. You can leave that to us.


It all starts with a personalised security survey of your premises. Our expert consultant will carry out a thorough onsite survey, looking closely at vulnerabilities and working out the best CCTV and door entry system strategy to keep you fully protected.

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At PC Docs, our security system installation experts are ready to tailor a door entry and CCTV solution just for you. Talk to us today to discover how we can safeguard your premises for complete peace of mind.

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From onsite surveying and planning to security system installation, support and maintenance, you’ll find everything covered at PC Docs.

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Our close relationships with leading security brands allow us to provide you with a wide choice of quality CCTV and entryphone solutions.

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5 star rated Google Reviews 27 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart CCTV systems are made up of Wi-Fi connected wireless cameras and sensors. The sensors detect movement, triggering the cameras to relay real time images to a smart device, such as a phone or tablet. So wherever you are, if there’s something going on at your premises that shouldn’t be, you’ll be alerted with footage as soon as it’s detected.


The footage sent to the smart device can be saved and used as evidence. Smart CCTV systems can also be connected to alarms, automatically sounding them when there’s an issue. Some of the more sophisticated models can even distinguish regular visitors, so actions are only triggered when there’s a rogue intruder.


Smart CCTV installation is simple, because there’s no cabling required. Hardware can be easily taken with you if you move premises. And because these systems are wireless, they’re ideal for listed buildings and properties within conservation areas where cabling isn’t allowed.

Where CCTV monitors potential security threats, door entry systems authorise entry to your premises. Integrating these two technologies enhances security in a significant way. Pairing cameras with access points to record when people are entering or leaving creates an audit trail which can be analysed in the event of an issue.


You also get to add video verification to your access control, rather than relying on basic credentials such as cards or fobs which can be easily lost, stolen or replicated. Integration of cameras with door entry will also highlight when there’s a tailgating event. What’s more, it allows you to manage and monitor the security of your premises through a single platform.

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