Is it Safe to Backup Files Online? Everything You Need to Know.

The threat of data loss to a business is a very serious one. Not only are there financial implications, there is reputational damage to think about too. With technology playing such an important role in everyday business, the risks of losing data because of human error, a crashed hard drive, natural...
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What Does CCTV Stand for and Why do You Need it?

In this article, we are exploring the subject of CCTV, answering the question what does CCTV stand for, and sharing advice on how to install CCTV.   What does CCTV stand for?   CCTV stands for closed circuit television. It is also known as video surveillance. Closed circuit means that ...

Interesting Facts About Cyber Security You Need to Know

Cyber security is no doubt on your priority list when it comes to protecting your business. And so it should be. A look at the latest statistics and let’s face it, alarming facts about cybercrime, really does bring home the seriousness of the issue at hand, and why you should be focusing a good de...
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Cyber Security and Information Assurance: The Differences Explained

Most references to cyber security and information assurance tend to blur the lines between the two, leading to many people believing that the two mean the same thing. This however is not the case. Information assurance and cybersecurity are two very separate entities. Yes, they hold some similaritie...
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The History of Cybercrime and Why Cyber Security is so Important Today

As technology advances, it brings us many benefits, from increased productivity and efficiency to enhanced communications and cost reductions. But with advances in technology inevitably come heightened risks. Of course we are talking about cybercrime, which has exploded in recent times. But cybercri...
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IP CCTV: How Does it Work, and is it Worth Considering for Your Business?

Internet protocol CCTV, also known as IP CCTV or hosted CCTV, could be described as a sophisticated webcam. Flexible, simple to operate and cost-effective to install, there is a lot to like about this type of surveillance camera. But exactly how do IP CCTV systems work, what are the pros and cons, a...
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5 Good Cyber-Security Habits Every Savvy Business Should Adopt

Up to 88 per cent of UK companies have been victim to cyber breaches over the past twelve months. And 65,000 attempts are made every day to hack small to medium sized businesses, 4,500 of which are successful. Cyber breaches can be exceptionally costly, and can cause lasting reputational damage. Wha...
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How to Choose the Best CCTV System for Your Business

CCTV has long been used to protect business premises plus the people and valuables within it from a variety of threats. With modern systems incorporating sophisticated smart technologies and artificial intelligence, CCTV offers a powerful way to safeguard what matters to your organisation. But when ...
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