Landline Telephones to be Axed by 2025: What Next For Business Communications?

The technology that powers traditional landline telephone systems is set to be switched off in 2025. This means that any business still on a traditional PSTN system will need to find an alternative means of communication, such as cloud telephone systems, before the current technology is committed to the history books once and for all.


It is not long now until the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) will be switched off for good. Work is already underway to bring the traditional phone lines to the end of life, with work set to be completed in 2025.


Traditional lines use copper cables. These are being replaced by Openreach by a more modern, internet-based solution that uses fibre-optic cables.


The move to cloud telephone systems is government-driven, and was introduced in response to the natural decline of traditional landline usage. A survey undertaken in April 2021 revealed that around 40 per cent of UK households had completely stopped using landlines.


How will the end of traditional landlines impact businesses?


Businesses that still use landline telephone systems and fax machines will need to make the switch to a cloud telephone system. This will ideally need to be done as soon as possible in order to prevent last minute disruption.


Fax machines will need to be replaced with alternatives such as email and electronic faxing, which are way more efficient and better for productivity.


Services relying on a traditional phone network are also likely to be affected, including payment terminals, alarm systems connected to receiving centres, and elevator communication systems.


It is vital to start looking at alternatives for any technology that is currently powered by a PTSN. Allowing sufficient time to weigh up your options and negotiate a good deal is important, so that you are not left making last minute decisions that may not be ideal for your needs or your budget.

What is a cloud based telephone system and what are the benefits over traditional landlines?


Cloud telephone systems, also known as VoIP (voice over internet protocol), work differently to a traditional phone system. Supplied on a subscription basis, cloud VoIP transmits voice calls over the internet, rather than through copper wires. With no need for an on-premise network, the communications system is freed up to be used anytime, anyplace, which is ideal for remote working.


Flexibility reigns with cloud telephone systems, and businesses can make substantial cost savings in comparison to using a traditional PTSN.


With calls being made over the internet, network tolls are a thing of the past, which is particularly helpful for businesses that make national and international calls. Offices across multiple locations can be connected easily, inter-communicating for free.


What’s more, cloud telephone systems support ‘unified communications’. This basically means that everything communications related within your business can be managed from a single portal, from calls and voice messages to emails, faxes and SMS. Video conferencing and real time online chat can also be incorporated. Calls can be made and taken either on a desk-based VoIP handset, or a user’s own smartphone courtesy of an app, with callers unaware of any difference.


Cloud telephone systems allow businesses to switch effortlessly from office to home working, without any need for complex IT setup. Voicemail is delivered by email, and faxes converted to PDFs for emailing, keeping everything nice and streamlined and easy to track. Call recording is a key feature, good for compliance and training, and the auto-attendant routes calls to the right places, freeing up the receptionist for other tasks.


Cloud telephone systems from PC Docs


Time is running out to make the switch from a traditional telephone system to an internet-based alternative.


At PC Docs, we make it simple to choose the ideal cloud based VoIP system for your business. Our dedicated communications experts will identify your needs, and then tailor a package that works perfectly for your organisation. We’ll also provide training, and we offer a full installation service too.


Why not get in touch today to discover how a cloud telephone system could transform your business communications, and save you money too?

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