IT Infrastructure Management – How It Could Help Your Business Succeed

A stable and robust IT infrastructure is crucial to the success of a business. Let’s take a closer look at what is meant by IT infrastructure, and why good IT infrastructure management is so important.   What is an IT infrastructure?   IT infrastructure forms the basis of an organisa...
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Is it Safe to Backup Files Online? Everything You Need to Know.

The threat of data loss to a business is a very serious one. Not only are there financial implications, there is reputational damage to think about too. With technology playing such an important role in everyday business, the risks of losing data because of human error, a crashed hard drive, natural...
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How to Test a New Software Update Without Breaking Your IT System

We recently explored the importance of installing software, operating system and antivirus updates in order to lower the risk of cyber security threats, looking at how often software should be updated and what exactly needs to be kept up to date. But if you’re deploying company-wide updates across...
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How Often Should Software be Updated?

Our lives are filled with technology, both at work and at home. The devices we use, from smartphones and tablets, to computers and machinery, allow us to do just about everything, courtesy of various operating systems and application software.   In order to prevent known vulnerabilities being...
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The Benefits of Outsourcing IT and What to Consider

IT is crucial to the running of any business in any industry sector. From beauty salons to offices, from manufacturing plants to gyms, there will always be some reliance on technology, making continuous uptime essential. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a good level of support in place. Many...
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5 Top Roles to Outsource to Save Your Small Business Time and Money

Time is a premium for any small business owner. Life is demanding, with so many responsibilities, and the small business doesn’t have the luxury like a larger business of extending budgets to support extra staff to fulfil all the various roles. The irony of it is that the most time consuming tasks...
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6 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Software for Your Small Business

From supporting business growth and boosting competitive edge to reducing risk by providing all the latest security features, there is a lot to be said for investing in new software. Whether you’re looking for the best invoice software for a small business, or seeking out an efficient new CRM or H...
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How to Speed up a Laptop or PC

There’s little more frustrating than a slow computer, especially when there’s urgent work to be done. If you’re done with waiting for your laptop or PC to load up a web page or program, read on for the advice you need to make your device fast again so that you can get those jobs done without t...
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What is the Cost of IT Support for a Small Business?

A question we are often asked is, what is the cost of IT support for a small business? UK wide, IT support companies are posed the same question. Although there is no straight answer, simply because every business has unique needs and it is vital that as an IT support company, we tailor our offering...
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How to Ensure Your IT Systems are GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the Data Protection Act in 2018. The core objectives were to provide individuals with enhanced privacy, all made possible courtesy of a set of new rights.   The connotations for businesses were fairly far reaching, with various changes ne...
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What is Cyber Security and How Does it Work?

Cyber security is the term given to the methods, processes and technologies used to help protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data, networks and computer systems against cyber-attacks or unauthorised access. The main object of cyber security is to protect an organisation’s as...
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7 Common IT Risks to Business and How to Combat Them

An increasing reliance on technology, and the fact we are all living and working in a progressively digital world, inevitably means that whilst we can enjoy many benefits in terms of operational productivity and business growth, there are more and more threats to deal with. Being on your guard and p...
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