How Your Business Can Benefit from an IT Help Desk

If you’ve been considering signing up to an IT help desk as part of your IT support contract, it’s going to be useful for you to discover just what advantages you can draw from your investment. Read on then to learn how your business could benefit from an IT support desk, in more ways than one.


What is an IT help desk?


First things first, what exactly is an IT help desk?


IT help desk services provide a single point of contact for assistance with technical issues. Anything from hardware and software use and installation, through to network troubleshooting, website functionality issues, remote working setup and password help – and plenty more besides – can be dealt with via an IT support desk.


Basically anything to do with the efficient running of your IT system can be dealt with simply by raising a help desk support ticket. The tickets are logged with your IT support company, which then responds within the agreed timeframe. An expert will then be in touch to either resolve the issue there and then, or, if it’s a little more complex, gather more information to help them investigate further.


What are the benefits of an IT support help desk?


There are numerous benefits to investing in an IT support help desk.


1.     Streamlined support requests with guaranteed response times


An IT help desk contract makes the entire process of obtaining assistance with day-to-day technical issues so much more straightforward.


Instead of having to make a call every time a problem arises or advice is needed, and then wait for an available technician to get back to you, all you have to do is either login to your help desk portal and raise a ticket, or send an email to the dedicated support address. Your ticket will then automatically log on your IT support company’s system. Then, because you have a support contract, you have total peace of mind that you’ll receive a response within an agreed timeframe.


2.     Enhanced staff satisfaction


When staff know that if a technical issue arises, it’s going to be dealt with quickly, expertly and efficiently so that their work isn’t disrupted for a prolonged period, they’ll enjoy fewer frustrations and greater reassurance, which is good for morale.


Providing employees with a simple way to resolve IT issues demonstrates that you value their time. It’s one of those things that helps retain good people too.


3.     Improved customer satisfaction


If an IT issue arises that affects your customers, your reputation could be on the line if it’s not resolved swiftly. If there’s a problem with your website for example that stops orders being placed or enquires being made, or your IT or communications systems go down leaving your customers unable to contact you, this is going to be bad news for your business.


However, with an IT help desk provided by a reputable IT support company, you’ll have a service level agreement in place so that you’ll know precisely when a technician will get onto rectifying the problem, getting you back up and running without delay so that your business reputation remains intact.


4.     Greater efficiency, increased revenue


When an IT issue hits, productivity can be seriously affected. An IT support desk, however, will ensure any dip in productivity will be kept to a minimum.


What’s more, instead of trying to resolve issues themselves, wasting valuable work time in the process, staff can simple summon help via the desk and then get on with the rest of their to-do list.


An IT support desk will also work out much more cost efficient than employing in-house IT technicians.


Expert IT support from PC Docs


At PC Docs we’re proud to report that 99 per cent of our help desk support tickets are responded to within just 10 minutes. Our Microsoft Certified technicians are on hand, ready to resolve issues as they arise, getting businesses back up and running without delay, or sharing valuable knowledge, minus the jargon.


For an IT support company you can trust to take care of every aspect of your organisation’s technology needs, talk to PC Docs.

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