How to Choose the Best CCTV System for Your Business

CCTV has long been used to protect business premises plus the people and valuables within it from a variety of threats. With modern systems incorporating sophisticated smart technologies and artificial intelligence, CCTV offers a powerful way to safeguard what matters to your organisation. But when choosing the best CCTV system for your business, what to consider? What are the best CCTV systems for your particular needs? That’s precisely what we’re about to explore.


How will you use your CCTV?


CCTV is exceptionally versatile and has a number of uses. Think about how you’d like to use it within your business and this will dictate the features that you look for.


How will you use CCTV?


  • Health and safety observation
  • Production line quality control
  • COVID-secure monitoring
  • Protecting lone workers
  • Perimeter security
  • Exhibit surveillance
  • Access control
  • Staff training
  • As a deterrent
  • Fraud detection
  • Fire prevention
  • Recording evidence
  • Insurance compliance


What CCTV features will prove beneficial?


CCTV offers a variety of features. Some of the best CCTV systems include:


High definition

In situations where crystal clear footage is a must, perhaps because it is needed as evidence for criminal prosecutions, high definition or HD CCTV is what you need. Most models will offer this feature, although these will be some of the most expensive options you will find. HD really is one of the best CCTV systems though.


Verbal warning system

Research dictates that people will obey a written notice to leave in seven per cent of cases. Introduce a verbal warning however, and this escalates to 92 per cent. CCTV, when combined with an audible warning system and detection sensor, can be highly effective in deterring intruders.


Wireless CCTV

Not every building is suitable for wired CCTV systems, especially listed or period properties. And not everyone wants wires on show. Wireless CCTV is easy to install and discreet in appearance. It is also very flexible. All you have to consider is whether you will have sufficient battery power to keep it operating. WiFi powered wireless CCTV will allow you to monitor goings on in real time via a smart phone app.



IP CCTV links into an internet network. This allows you to log in to watch footage any time from an internet enabled device. Archive footage is stored locally as a back-up. The perfect choice when you are not on site very often, or your premises are closed and you need remote access to view them.


Networked integration

CCTV that connects to an IP network can be combined with access control and security lighting, providing a sophisticated level of protection. When unauthorised access is detected, CCTV recording begins automatically and lighting is deployed, delivering both recorded evidence and deterrent in one hit.



If you are looking for a CCTV system that can protect premises perimeters, or individual assets such as featured exhibits, a pan tilt and zoom camera allows full control. With the touch of a button, the operator can move the camera in all directions. This means that instead of fitting several static cameras, you can make use of one single unit.


Night vision

A day/night security camera will record footage in any light conditions. The extra-sensitive imaging chips deliver ultra-clear video, even in poor light or glaring sunshine. Infrared and night vision cameras on the other hand use an infrared cut filter to record full colour daytime footage as well as clear night time video. Ideal if you are looking to monitor premises during the hours of darkness.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up a whole new level of possibilities for CCTV. It allows systems to learn how to detect suspicious activity, which can then be used to trigger events, such as notifying a monitoring centre or security unit, setting off an alarm or closing down access. AI-powered CCTV can also incorporate facial recognition to check the identity of anyone entering a building or part of it.


CCTV systems, bespoke to your business, from PC Docs


Here at PC Docs, we offer a specialist service in CCTV system design and installation. We will send you an experienced consultant to undertake a comprehensive onsite security survey, allowing us to design the perfect CCTV system for your business. We also offer fully integrated installation incorporating door entry systems.


Looking for the best CCTV systems to suit your needs? Talk to PC Docs. Our experts are here to help, so please do get in touch.

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