Data Backup and Recovery – What Options Does Your Business Have?

Data backup and recovery are essential for any business. A loss of data, whether it’s due a system failure, cyberattack, natural disaster or human error can have a devastating impact, causing significant financial and operational losses. It can also have a negative impact on reputation, which can ...
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What is a virtual desktop and how can it benefit your business?

Remote working offers many benefits, but at the same time it comes with a number of risks. Maintaining secure connections with the main IT infrastructure of the business is of considerable concern to a lot of businesses, and with over two thirds of organisations having experienced a security inciden...
Cyber security Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Remote working

What is Cloud Backup and Why You Need it for Your Business

Data loss can be incredibly harmful to a business, costing financially and in terms of damaged reputation. Whether it’s caused by a cyberattack, a natural disaster, hardware failure or human error, in the absence of recent, robust and full backups, there is a chance that a business could be left u...
Backup Cloud Cyber security Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Management – How It Could Help Your Business Succeed

A stable and robust IT infrastructure is crucial to the success of a business. Let’s take a closer look at what is meant by IT infrastructure, and why good IT infrastructure management is so important.   What is an IT infrastructure?   IT infrastructure forms the basis of an organisa...
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Office 365 Migration – a How-To Guide

Microsoft 365 takes collaboration and productivity to a whole new level, moving everyday vital business processes into the cloud and connecting your workforce anytime, anyplace. But how to install Office 365 and what to consider during Office 365 migration?   First things first – what is Of...
Cloud Disaster Recovery Remote working Software

What is Data Loss Prevention and How Does Data Recovery Work?

One of the worst things anyone can go through, in business or personally, is data loss. Whether it’s due to hardware or software failure, cybercrime or accidental deletion, the entire experience is something no one would ever want to repeat. In this post we are looking at the process of data recov...
Cyber security Disaster Recovery

What is VoIP and how do VoIP Phone Systems Benefit Business?

If you’ve heard the terms VoIP phone, hosted telephony, hosted VoIP, cloud phone or IP phone but wondered what they all mean and whether this type of communication system could be beneficial for your business, read on.   The terms listed above are all pretty much one in the same. VoIP phone...
Communications Disaster Recovery VoIP

What is Cyber Security?

According to the latest statistics published by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), reported losses from cybercrime in the UK totalled £3.1 billion in the year June 2021 to June 2022.   This figure comes from 405,334 separate incidents reported to the NFIB by individuals and organ...
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What to do if Your Laptop is Lost or Stolen

A lost laptop is not just inconvenient and costly. It is also a considerable threat to your digital security too. Here we share our advice on what to do in the event of a lost or stolen laptop, as well as providing tips on how to minimise the security risks to protect you should this unfortunate occ...
Cyber security Disaster Recovery Remote working

What is Cyber Security and How Does it Work?

Cyber security is the term given to the methods, processes and technologies used to help protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data, networks and computer systems against cyber-attacks or unauthorised access. The main object of cyber security is to protect an organisation’s as...
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5 Good Cyber-Security Habits Every Savvy Business Should Adopt

Up to 88 per cent of UK companies have been victim to cyber breaches over the past twelve months. And 65,000 attempts are made every day to hack small to medium sized businesses, 4,500 of which are successful. Cyber breaches can be exceptionally costly, and can cause lasting reputational damage. Wha...
Cyber security Disaster Recovery Security

How to Make a Cyber-Crime Report

Cyber-attacks are a very serious threat to businesses of all sizes. Whilst the data breach stories that hit the headlines tend to focus on larger organisations, the fact is that up to 88 per cent of UK companies have been victims of cyber breaches over the past twelve months. 65,000 hacking attempts...
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