What is VoIP and how do VoIP Phone Systems Benefit Business?

If you’ve heard the terms VoIP phone, hosted telephony, hosted VoIP, cloud phone or IP phone but wondered what they all mean and whether this type of communication system could be beneficial for your business, read on.   The terms listed above are all pretty much one in the same. VoIP phone...
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A Guide to Cloud Telephone Systems

With remote working models becoming the norm for many companies, the popularity of cloud telephone systems is escalating considerably.   Cloud business telephone systems, also known as cloud VoIP or hosted VoIP, work differently to traditional phone systems such as IDSN or PSTN. They’re als...
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A Guide to the Best Email Service for Business

There may be lots of platforms we use to keep business communications flowing, but few if any are more important than email. For most workplaces, email has to be the main communication tool, so it stands to reason that you’ll be keen to learn which is the best email service for business use, so th...
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How to Deal with Email Overload: 5 Top Tips

For many, the pandemic has blurred the lines between home and work life. Home working and hybrid working has seen many employees struggling to cope with finding a balance between greater workloads, home schooling and caring responsibilities, leading to stress, anxiety and mental burnout. One reason ...
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Landline Telephones to be Axed by 2025: What Next For Business Communications?

The technology that powers traditional landline telephone systems is set to be switched off in 2025. This means that any business still on a traditional PSTN system will need to find an alternative means of communication, such as cloud telephone systems, before the current technology is committed to...
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Ethernet First Mile Explained

There are various options when it comes to network connectivity. The importance of a fast and stable internet connection cannot be over-emphasised for business productivity and a streamlined customer experience. For those organisations that rely heavily on the internet, a dedicated, full-fibre Ether...
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Hosted Exchange Email: How it Works and Why Your Business Needs it

Hosted exchange email is an email solution hosted on a Microsoft Exchange email server. To really get to grips with what this type of email solution is, we need to break it down and explain each element. Once we’ve done that, we’ll take a look at the benefits of hosted exchange email for busines...
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Cloud Office Phone Systems: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Cloud office phone systems are rapidly being adopted by businesses across the world, especially those switching to remote working.   A cloud phone system, also known as a cloud based VoIP system or hosted VoIP, works differently to a traditional phone system, and in fact differently to an on-...
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