Cloud Office Phone Systems: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Cloud office phone systems are rapidly being adopted by businesses across the world, especially those switching to remote working.


A cloud phone system, also known as a cloud based VoIP system or hosted VoIP, works differently to a traditional phone system, and in fact differently to an on-premise VoIP system that’s run over an in-house IP network.


Supplied on a subscription basis, so easily scaled up or down to suit changing business needs, cloud VoIP transmits voice calls as data packets over the internet, rather than as voice communications through copper wires or optical fibres.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony has been around for a while, but until it went cloud-based, it wasn’t too different from the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN). It just used the internet instead of a physical exchange. The cloud has, however, transformed VoIP. Because there’s no longer any need to use an on-premise network, it completely frees the entire communications system so it can be accessed anywhere, any time. Perfect for the remote working generation.


What are the advantages of the cloud based VoIP system?


Cloud office phone systems are hosted in secure offsite data centres. They can be used with a number of devices, from traditional handsets to special VoIP phones, PCs and smartphone apps. Flexibility is one of the main advantages. Cost savings are another.


Because calls are made over the internet, network tolls are completely avoided. This can lead to considerable cost savings, especially if calls are regularly made to overseas destinations. The great thing about a cloud based VoIP system is that it makes it possible to connect local, regional, national and international offices, with no charges for calls made within the organisation’s network.


Even better, cloud telephone systems support unified communications, the ultimate way to manage everything comms-related from a single portal, from calls and voice messages to emails, SMS and faxes. Real time chat and video conferencing are included in most packages too, making cloud VoIP the perfect one-stop flexible communications solution.


What other features are included with cloud office phone systems?


This really is a feature-rich product that has the ability to enhance competitive edge considerably. It also sets businesses free to work flexibly, switching seamlessly from home to office working; and from smartphone, PC or traditional phone use, without any need for IT intervention.


Cloud VoIP never lets you miss a call, because you are free to make and receive calls on multiple devices, all using the same number. Receive a call; your desk phone and smartphone will both ring, and you get to choose which to answer it on. You can also park and transfer calls, and operators get to see who’s available via a main portal, so there’s no time wasted on false transfers when someone’s engaged.


Voicemail and group voicemail are delivered as voice files to email, and faxes are converted into PDFs and emailed too, so everything’s in one place. Calls can be recorded for training, compliance and quality, and auto-attendant helps reduce workloads by directing calls to the right places. Multi-line conferencing is another popular feature, again especially useful for remote working.


What to consider ahead of switching to cloud VoIP?


It’s clear to see there are many benefits when it comes to cloud office phone systems, but there are some considerations to factor in.


Firstly, all cloud telephone systems are totally reliant on the internet. So you’ll need to ensure you have a consistent connection. You’ll also need to think about security, because anything cloud-based will be susceptible to hacking and malware. A protected connection is crucial for this reason, and you’ll want reassurance from your cloud phone system provider that the necessary security measures are in place.


Cloud office phone systems from PC Docs


At PC Docs, we make it straightforward to choose the right cloud based VoIP system for your particular business. Our dedicated communications experts will identify your needs, and then put together a package that works perfectly for your organisation. We’ll also provide training, and we offer a full installation service too.


Why not get in touch today to discover how a cloud telephone system could save your business money, streamline communications, and enhance your competitive edge?

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