World Famous Art Gallery Gets Urgent Internet Lifeline

How PC Docs provided emergency IT support for the world famous Colnaghi art gallery in London, reinstating vital internet access and enabling them to open their doors on time and deliver a high profile virtual exhibition.


Founded in 1760, Colnaghi is the oldest and most important art dealership in the world, with galleries in London, Madrid and New York.


Based in the heart of St James’s, the esteemed London gallery is well known for its high profile exhibitions, some of which have been adapted to online events during lockdown periods.


Following the month-long national lockdown of November 2020, the staff at Colnaghi London were gearing up to re-open the gallery’s doors to the public on 2 December. Also on show at the time was their acclaimed exhibition, ‘Dreamsongs’, a virtual event that was drawing lots of attention.


The brief


Late in November 2020, as the Colnaghi London Team was gearing up to welcome back its patrons, disaster struck in the form of an IT emergency.


Unexpectedly, the gallery’s internet connection had been lost, leaving staff without online access or Wi-Fi, unable to prepare for the impending opening day, and powerless to manage their ongoing and much in-demand virtual event.


Without a regular IT support contract in place, Colnaghi was in a precarious position. They contacted us with just days to go before the opening, asking for urgent help to get them back up and running online.


The solution


Due to the urgency, we responded immediately by sending an experienced technician out of hours to diagnose the issue.


Thinking ahead, our technician arrived at the gallery armed with replacement internet equipment so that whatever happened, the staff there would not be left without online access.


During the diagnostic process, our technician discovered that the internet firewall had lost all of its settings. The firewall, along with antivirus, forms the most crucial element of IT network security.


A great deal of complex configuration is required to get the setup correct in order to ensure the security is watertight enough to prevent outside intrusion, whilst allowing authorised users to safely browse the internet.


With all the settings lost, the firewall required a full reconfiguration. Thanks to the long term experience of our technician, the issue was accurately diagnosed without delay. He then applied his in-depth knowledge to reset the firewall, reinstating internet access for the gallery.


Wi-Fi access however was posing a challenge, as wireless access points were proving elusive. We therefore arranged for new points to be ordered, and returned the next day to install them.


As part of the installation, we added a bank of staff devices to the network so that everyone had the Wi-Fi access they needed to carry out their jobs efficiently, prepare for the impending gallery re-opening, and manage the virtual exhibition.


Added value


Whilst onsite, our technician was asked to set up a CCTV system, crucial for the gallery’s security. This was actioned, and the system was configured to allow the owners to conveniently browse footage from their smartphones.


Overall, the client was delighted with the emergency IT support service provided, and we are currently in discussion about becoming their full time regular IT support provider.


“Amazing customer service, great communication. Danny the engineer that attended our site was very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to meet.”

Pietro Giambrone, Gallery Manager, Colnaghi


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