Remote Working Setup Empowers New Estate Agency Branch to Seamlessly Serve Clients

How we kitted out a new estate agency branch office from scratch with a fully networked PC suite, building in the convenience and flexibility of remote working and cloud sharing.


Location Location is an independent estate agency established in 2006 and very much focused on community values. Over the years, the award-winning agency has grown into a multiple-office operation, expanding from its original base in Stoke Newington out to Thetford in Norfolk and, most recently, into Ipswich in Suffolk.


With the opening of the Ipswich branch came the challenge of finding the right IT solution that would allow complete flexibility in working for ongoing resilience, with a service that would be seamless for the agency’s valued client base.


The brief

The Ipswich branch would be staffed by three users who all needed the flexibility of being able to work remotely and access the information required for their roles whilst on the go. Document sharing was a must, as was the ability to make and receive calls from any location whilst presenting a seamless front to clients.


The office was a complete blank canvas with absolutely no equipment or services in place, so we were to start from scratch.


The solution


Our solution provided everything the three members of staff needed to efficiently run the new Ipswich branch, with the added benefit of being able to work remotely should the need arise.


PCs were installed complete with Office 365 for improved communication, business continuity, automatic upgrades and convenient sharing of mailboxes, calendars and contacts. The PC Docs Cloud Drive made it possible for all the users to access their documents and files from any internet enabled device too.


Cloud VoIP phones were installed, channelling calls through the internet rather than a local exchange, so allowing the agency to save on call costs. The added benefit of cloud phones means that Location Location staff will never miss a call, as they are free to make and receive calls on multiple devices.


So, when the staff are in the office, they use the VoIP handsets, and when they’re working remotely, they can manage calls conveniently via a smartphone app. This presents a seamless service for clients. The addition of a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch meant that the phones could be powered via the internet cable rather than requiring their own power supply, which reduced desktop cable clutter. Perfect for a young, vibrant and modern office.


What we provided, at-a-glance


  • Supply and installation of Mac PCs for three users
  • Supply and installation of dual monitors and stands
  • Office 365 installation
  • PC Docs Cloud Drive setup and configuration for anywhere document access
  • VoIP internet telephones
  • Supply and installation of networked printer and scanner


Location Location now has a fully functioning new office, with staff able to work efficiently and seamlessly from any location they desire.


A full office setup and remote working service from PC Docs

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