Newly Renovated Property Secured, Connected and Ready for Tenants

How a well-planned Wi-Fi and CCTV installation ensured a renowned property development company could provide a well-connected and secure place to live for its new tenants.


Having worked with Atlantic Housing on a number of projects over the years, including the installation of CCTV, cloud-based servers, door entry systems, broadband and email, telephone systems and more, we had built a thorough understanding of their unique requirements.


One of their development properties, 39 Norfolk Road, required an internet connection, together with a CCTV installation that would feed footage into their Chingford head office.


The brief


Atlantic Housing was in the process of renovating a residential property ready to let to tenants. They had a requirement for reliable, high speed internet, together with CCTV to secure the property and make it a safe place to live for the tenants.


Wi-Fi was required throughout the home, and the client wanted to ensure that all the equipment was secured out of reach of the tenants.


In terms of the CCTV, the requirement stipulated a need to feed footage into the Chingford heard office, with the ability to maintain at least one month’s worth of recordings.


The solution


Our senior network installer visited the property with the client’s representative. Our goal was to ensure the best possible solution was provided to suit the brief, and the budget.


We took time to carefully plan out the optimum routes for running the various cables for the Wi-Fi and CCTV, calculating the best positions and number of DrayTek wireless access points required. Our aim is always to hide the wiring as best we can for enhanced aesthetics, particularly important for property renovation projects such as this.

A high speed fibre broadband service was selected and installed, providing the residents with a reliable internet service to meet all their online needs, as well as the connectivity required to power the CCTV.


A sophisticated 8-camera Hikvision CCTV system with a 4TB hard drive was chosen to meet the client’s requirements when it came to storing large quantities of footage. Hikvision is a global brand that champions the use of pioneering technologies, making it a good future-proof choice.


Now the property at 39 Norfolk Road is fully connected, tenant-ready in terms of Wi-Fi internet access, and safe and secure thanks to a leading-edge CCTV system.


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