New North London Gym Primed and Ready for Business

High speed internet, CCTV, a powerful POS system and remote-working friendly VoIP telephone system were just what were needed to get this new North London gym up and running.


The Fit Factory is a newly launched gym and coffee shop in Barnet. As a start-up, they were looking for tailored guidance on everything from internet and WiFi to communications, security and a point of sale booking system.


The brief


As with any leisure industry outlet, gyms are reliant on technology both for member and staff use. They also have a need for every installation to be aesthetically pleasing, because in this type of sector where there is a great deal of competition, image counts for everything.


The Fit Factory’s owners were looking for a comprehensive solution that would tick all the boxes. Security was high on the agenda, not just from a crime prevention point of view, but also in terms of member health and safety monitoring.


High speed internet and WiFi were vital, not just to enable staff to work efficiently and manage membership enquiries and gym bookings, but also for gym member and coffee shop patron use. Expectations are high in this respect.

The solution


Once we’d delved deep into the specific needs of the business in terms of technology and security, we came up with a variety of tailored solutions to meet all the set objectives.




CCTV was crucial as a security solution. Not only does it act as a deterrent for would-be intruders, it also provides real time monitoring, and recorded footage which can be used as evidence should a criminal prosecution become necessary.


We suggested a Hikvision full HD six-camera CCTV solution. This system provides real time monitoring with full mobile app control for the ultimate in flexibility and control. Training was provided to all users, and our network engineer ensured that the system had all the required Cat 6 cables to support it.


High speed internet and WiFi


High speed internet came courtesy of a fibre connection, offering 80MB download and 20MB upload speeds, perfect for frustration-free working.


WiFi was installed throughout the premises, including in the coffee shop, ready for patrons and gym members as well as staff to take advantage of. This came courtesy of three DrayTek wireless access points, ensuring speedy and comprehensive coverage. Again, our network engineer took care of the necessary Cat 6 wiring.


Point of sale


For the ultimate in booking efficiency, a point of sale (POS) system was installed, with full training provided to staff. POS systems are powerful platforms that automate many booking processes, so reducing staff workload. In addition, they enable easy management of loyalty schemes and other valuable marketing strategies.


VoIP telephone system


Remote working is a vital requirement these days. With this in mind, we provided The Fit Factory with a VoIP portable handset, complete with professional recorded welcome message and mobile app to allow calls to be taken any time, any place, so an enquiry would never be missed.


Reception PC


With space at a premium, and aesthetics a crucial consideration, we needed to give a lot of thought to the choice of reception PC. We suggested a Lenovo Micro PC, which took up minimal space, yet delivered on functionality. Coupled with a 24-inch Samsung screen, the overall look was professional and in-keeping with the polished Fit Factory brand.


The Fit Factory is now all primed and ready to take its first gym members when it opens after lockdown, although coffee shop patrons are already enjoying a good takeaway coffee!

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