Listed Building WiFi Installation Goes the Extra Mile for Well-Known Artist and Author

How a carefully considered WiFi installation for a Grade II listed building got a well-known artist and author up and running, working from home, enjoying a fully connected entertainment system, and the peace of mind of secure video access control.


Ginger Gilmour is an American born artist, sculptor, author, and former model, originally married to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. She has lived in England since the 1970s, and recently purchased a new home and office in Littlehampton in West Sussex.


The new property, a Grade II listed building, needed to be set up ready for work and leisure, with full WiFi coverage as well as a secure door entry solution. Ginger Gilmour had been dissatisfied with her existing IT provider, and so contacted us here at PC Docs for help getting her new property up and running.


The brief


Ginger was moving into a new home and needed a reliable internet service to enable her to work efficiently, with good quality WiFi availability enabling her to work from anywhere within the property, and to power her Sky TV and smart televisions in various rooms. With the entrance gate to the property’s grounds located away from the main house, a secure access control solution was also needed.


Stepping in as a replacement for her former IT company with which she’d been dissatisfied, our team set to work putting a plan in place, taking into consideration the listed building status of the property and resulting need to ensure all installations were discreet, and rendered no damage to the fabric of the building.


The solution


Our senior network installer paid a visit to Ginger’s home and spent time calculating the optimal routes for running the various cables for the WiFi solution and door entry system.


With a Grade II listed building, it is not possible to drill through any of the brickwork, so we had to find a solution to fix the cabling, which had to blend seamlessly with the character of the property.

We took time to accurately calculate the quantity of DrayTek wireless access points required and work out the best positions, installing them with hidden wiring where possible.


A high speed fibre broadband service was selected and installed, getting Ginger online ready to work and enjoy her home entertainment throughout the property. On that note, we went the extra mile and connected up all her Sky boxes and smart TVs to the WiFi network.


We carefully selected a secure video door entry system that was a perfect fit for Ginger’s needs, upgrading it as a goodwill gesture free of charge to include entry fobs for friends and family. We left Ginger’s new home secure, all set up for her to see precisely who’s approaching the property so she can decide whether to allow them access to the main grounds.

As Ginger wanted to move all her IT services over to PC Docs, we took the hassle out by liaising directly with the previous IT company. Now Ginger has all her Microsoft Office 365 accounts, mailboxes, antivirus licensing and various domain names all under one company, together with ongoing IT support from the experienced PC Docs team.


Your complete WiFi installation and IT support service from PC Docs


Whether you’re setting up a home entertainment system or home office, or both, you can rely on a quality service from PC Docs that goes the extra mile every time. Whatever your property type, whether it’s a listed building, located in a Conservation Area or in a busy city centre, we have the expertise required for a fully tailored installation that meets all your needs.


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