Community Centre IT Upgrade Proves Good News for Local Islington Community Residents

How PC Docs resolved a range of IT related issues at this valued community centre in Islington, reinstating working efficiency so that local residents could access the vital support they needed.


Hornsey Lane Estate Community Association is a community centre in the heart of North London, providing a source of services, clubs, mentoring and advice, all highly valued by Islington residents.


The centre is widely depended upon locally, so naturally it is crucial that the staff there are able to communicate seamlessly and work efficiently at all times.


The brief


With a spate of IT related issues threatening to undermine productivity and communications, staff at Hornsey Lane Estate Community Centre were becoming increasingly concerned that, at a time when local residents needed them more than ever, they would not be able to deliver the level of care they had become known for.


Ongoing email issues were one of the main problems, and a slow internet connection was causing a great deal of frustration for the seven members of the team.


A lack of Wi-Fi coverage was also making it difficult to work flexibly whilst in the community centre office and, without a telecoms or remote access or file sharing contingency in place, staff were unable to work seamlessly from home when necessary.


Modern hardware such as PCs, laptops and tablets was also lacking, which was holding the team back from working at optimum efficiency. And the room they had up for hire to local residents and businesses was lacking in modern facilities. This was negatively affecting bookings which had the potential to help fund the good work of the centre.


The solution


We started by analysing each of the issues individually. Once the root of each problem had been diagnosed, we were able to come up with tailored solutions that would provide long term solutions.


Improved email

To resolve the email problems once and for all, we installed Hosted Unlimited GB Exchange Mailboxes. Hosted Exchange email is a clean and simple way to run email, with very low upfront costs, and a convenient price-per-user monthly plan. With unlimited mailbox storage, there was no longer any concern over exceeding storage limits. Guaranteed service levels, and advanced spam and virus protection gave an added layer of reassurance.


Remote working

A cloud drive solved file sharing issues, and enabled staff to login remotely and access the files they needed to do their jobs. A hosted VoIP telephone system made it possible for staff to make and receive calls from any location with no outward interruption to communications, and offered the added bonus of reducing call costs, so saving the centre money, whilst enabling remote working.


Faster internet

Slow internet frustrations were overcome courtesy of a high speed internet connection, complete with convenient WiFi which we installed throughout the building.


So that staff could work effortlessly, new hardware was introduced, including a suite of PCs, laptops and tablets, all providing access to the latest technology.


Cutting edge presentation technology

Finally, over in the room for hire, to make it a more appealing offering, a smart board was installed, complete with projector, ideal for business presentations and training sessions. Smart boards are the ultimate cutting edge, touch-screen presentation and collaboration tool, perfect for interactive and virtual meetings and team brainstorming sessions, enabling participants to collaborate, share notes and create resources to view at a later date. As well as installing the board, we also provided full training to all the staff.

Hornsey Lane Estate Community Association is now working efficiently and communicating smoothly thanks to its email, internet and IT upgrade. All good news for the local residents of Islington who rely on its vital services and advice!


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