Cloud Solution Enables Flexible Working for Customer-Focused Business

How a cloud desktop solution enabled anytime, anyplace working for a concrete supplier dedicated to 24/7 customer care,


IT plays an integral role in maintaining the company’s good name, ensuring it is able to provide round the clock services in a timely manner.


PC Docs was introduced to Concrete Singh via a recommendation from existing client, Theori Investments. Concrete Singh’s team had been experiencing issues syncing data between users. Problems had been arising with multiple versions of the same file being saved, a typical limitation when using cloud storage platforms such as OneDrive and Dropbox. With these issues threatening to compromise the company’s reputation for quality customer service, it was time for a new way of working.


The brief


The client needed a solution to introduce flexibility into users’ working lives, allowing them to access their desktops, emails and documents whenever they wished, to hot desk, and to work from home with ease.


User-based access restrictions would be necessary so that each team member had their own permission levels in terms of file and folder management.


The solution


Our solution for Concrete Singh involved a cost effective full cloud file sharing system. For storage, we provided a Microsoft Windows Cloud Server, and for users, a Microsoft Windows Cloud Desktop system.


Everyone now works off a ‘thin client’ PC, which we also supplied and installed. These PCs cost less than half the price of a regular PC and, because there are no moving parts, they are easier to maintain and pose less of a risk of malfunctioning.


Concrete Singh staff are now able to jump onto any device, anytime and anywhere and get to work simply by entering their username and password for instant access to their own unique cloud desktop.


Whilst the cloud server is accessible to all, each user has their own individual permissions for file and folder access, allowing the employer full control as required.


We also set up a permanent virtual private network (VPN) between the offices and the cloud firewall, ensuring a secure, fast connection at all times and protecting the business from data breaches and cyber threats whilst staff work remotely. High Speed internet came courtesy of a PC Docs fast broadband solution.


To discover how we could help your business work efficiently anytime, anyplace courtesy of a cloud desktop solution, you are welcome to get in touch.

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Client Feedback


“We are an accountancy practice and have worked with PC Docs for nearly 3 years. We could not recommend them more. Switching to PC Docs was the best decision we made for our growing practice. They are efficient, they are always one step ahead of us when it comes to hardware and software updates. They are friendly and nothing is too much for them. PC Docs has truly taken all the stress of IT from us. They are just a phone call away and problem solved. Like I said it’s a pleasure working with them and we highly recommend them.”

Concrete Singh / CEO

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